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Happy Mother's Day


A mother's love, presence and gift is unmatched. The ability to bring a child into the world is a unique gift that only women possess. That is not to be overlooked, devalued or taken for granted. I want to take the opportunity to honor the mother's who have lost children through death, adoption or loss. Being a mother is a way of doing and being. It is everything from the nurturing, to the late nights nurings, to the sacrificing of yourself and your body, from your gift of giving of yourself, the fights you fight, the adulting you show up for and the ability to be present when your not present. A mother's presence and love is absolutely unique.

Mother's have the duty of being any and everything at any given time. Sacrificing themselves is a apart of the process of giving and attempting to recommit to prioritizing your needs is necessary. Today I want to say thank you. Thank you for sacrificing yourself to bring life into the world. Thank you for taking the life of a child and pouring into it. Thank you for pouring into and onto. Thank you for the late nights, early mornings, lack of sleep and missed opportunities to give to the generation you've contributed to creating. Thank you for taking on the responsibility of being mom. You are loved and honored. Do something nice for yourself.

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