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Honoring Pride Month


"For me, the transgender thing is the reality of my life. It's the reality of my existence and it's something that I've come to believe is beautiful about me." ―Laverne Cox

Pride is for everyone. Pride is the expression of self, love and uniqueness. Pride represents also represents the unique and courageous individuals in the LGBTQ community. Due to all the of outstanding political challenges, changes and discouraging conversations, you can't change what you don't control. People feeling free enough to be themselves is something to celebrate. People challenging the system that feels so entitled to the identity and sexuality of others is necessary. Allowing space for people to live as they feeling and feel confident and supported enough to do so is a must.

You are supported. You are loved. You are seen. You are heard.

In honor of pride month I will be giving a free training with Western Tidewater Community Service Board:


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