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Change - What is it?


Change: the ongoing process of unsettling and resettling the terms of people’s lives. May be a movement from an old to new, same to different, familiar to unfamiliar, known to unknown state or circumstance.

Change is especially present at this time of year, when we transition from summer vacation to back to school . Many of us, especially young adults, find ourselves in new environments which can be incredibly overwhelming. It's important to ground ourselves in order to properly adapt to change successfully, when it is presented in our lives. Below are a few tricks when it comes to dealing with a sudden or gradual change:

Find something familiar:

Seeking out something consistent to focus your attention on is key. This anchor will be needed amidst the waves of new emotions and situations. Engaging in daily routines, revisiting a beloved TV series, or eating some of your favorite foods can alleviate the strain of transitioning. These practices offer effective avenues to create joy.

Understand your perspective in the world.

Taking a look outside of your immediate circumstances, allows you to see the dynamic nature of everything. This pause allows us to prioritize it by importance and long term value. Some changes may or may not impact your life but viewing your surroundings from a global perspective can help display the magnitude of your feelings. Meaning, this may make things seem smaller or more manageable.

Be flexible.

Try to keep an open mind with new experiences. You may enjoy your established routine, but when you do not set those expectations or restrictions in your day to day, you can be met with the pleasure of surprise and the joy of starting something new.

Find people who understand.

When dealing with a new transition type of change, it can be helpful to talk to someone whom you trust. Seeking support from others is incredibly helpful and doesn’t leave you to navigate alone. Drawing strength from those you hold dear can significantly ease the process of adapting to novel situations.



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