Tender Love & Care

Often, we crave more affection than we receive, unaware of its direct link to the feelings of loneliness. We correlate affection as a demonstration of love from those we are close to such as our spouse, friends, family, etc. This is not rare, as many of us have found ourselves in need of feelings of fondness. Being unaware of what we feel or what we lack is the first step towards addressing what most know to be called “skin hunger.” Affectionate communication is important to the maintenance of personal relationships we hold with others. To be deprived of such, can result in detrimental effects such as feelings of loneliness, sadness, depression, and stress that can impact one’s overall hea

Don't Put Your Business In the Street

In the time of social media and the change in the climate of social behavior, we are attempting to figure out how to manage our information and who to trust with it. There appears to be a glaring issue with the way we communicate and who we choose to trust. Do we create an environment where we allow people to earn our trust? Are we honest with ourselves about the people we are deciding to trust? Are we allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with information we aren't comfortable standing behind? Trust is a delicate concept. It requires us to be both vulnerable and vigilant. It requires us to take accountability for ourselves and challenge those we trust to take accountability for themselves. To

No such thing as a life better than yours!

How often do you sit back and recognize all the good in your life that granted you all the many memories that bear fruit to be grateful for? How often do you take the time to appreciate your life and everyone in it? Do you somehow get distracted or discouraged by looking through the glass window of someone else’s life? Is it that you found a way to convince yourself that your life is no longer enough? Life itself is full of surprises, that make you smile, laugh, and sometimes cry. It is a unique journey we all were gifted with, all involving heartaches, lessons, joy, and celebrations. It is easy to get caught up in the timing and personal plans that sometimes serve no purpose, as things may

Premarital Issues and Tissues

Summertime is the season of shorts, sunshine, and wedding season. Despite many couples choosing to reschedule their upcoming nuptials and the “influx of mental health care as an offset of Covid-19”, Does premarital counseling really affect the outcome of a marriage? At the core of any union is a solid understanding of each other's wants and needs. Outside of communication and an openness around the topic of finances, during therapy couples are given the opportunity to work together on a wide array of important issues. Counseling challenges couples to set realistic goals and establish boundaries that will allow them to navigate the ups and downs of marriage and eventually children, if they so

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