And then there was Valentine's

As valentine’s day weekend comes to a close, it is important to remember where the best love comes from- within. It is very common to feel that Valentine's Day is strictly for romantic relationships, valentine’s day should be seen as a day of overall love- love for yourself, the people around you and life. It is a day when the concept of love is promoted throughout the community. We voluntarily put our love out in the open, from partners, family members and even strangers.Even if you aren’t in a romantic relationship; you are loved, you are cherished. It is easy to feel less than because of society standards; however do not allow the idea of partnership, relationships or norms to break you.


In moments when we find ourselves questioning our uniqueness, strength and awesomeness, sometimes it takes for you to find your place of strength in the same place that you misplaced it. Finding strength in our faults, flaws and misteps challenges us to rethink about decision making skills and learn a new skill and for process for which we can choose better the "next time." Find your secret space and allow imperfection to overwhelm you with humility and skill.

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