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Sharde' O'Rourke,Owner

Sharde' hails from Los Angeles, California and is the eccentric owner/therapist of The Mahogany Projek. She has over 10+ years of therapeutic experience and focuses on working with and providing services for black people, LGBTQ affirming services, trauma, substance use and couples. 

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Shameka Brown, CSAC, Masters level intern

Shameka is a master's level intern that will be graduating with her degree in Counseling. She has experience in the mental health field. She has provided both substance use and mental health treatment in the community. 

Lattisha Naylor, LPC

Lattisha hails from Maryland and has been providing services for many years in community mental, holistic health services and outpatient. Lattisha has a passion and focus on providing holistic treatment to include aromatherapy, chakra revitalization and restorative counseling/support services. She specializes in working with addiction and substance use. 


Yolanda Wilson, LPC

Yolanda is a well traveled, dressed down counselor that has traveled military spouse that provides effective therapeutic services to individuals, children, couples and families. She focuses on working with individuals that want cohesive familial relationships, depression, anxiety and trauma. She has 10+ years of experience.

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Erica Staton, LPC-R

Erica is a 2nd year LPC-R (Resident) that has previous experience working with TDT and Intensive in home kids. She has also works in the inpatient setting to include supporting individuals with increased psychatric concerns. She enjoys working with children and adults and enjoys supporting her clients from an empathic perspective. 


Glorya Askew, LCSW

Glorya is a seasoned social worker and has provided therapeutic intervention in both the traditional therapeutic space and in the religious space. She enjoys serving others and supporting people being their best selves. Glorya is an ordinaed minister and specializes in working with grief and trauam.

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