Surviving your family during the holidays

So we all know that during the holidays our anxiety can raise, stress intensify, depression increase, and even it being a higher rate of suicide during the holidays. As an adult, it is usually the time when you are reunited with your family for family gatherings and such; however, during this time it is great to keep in mind who you are, what you stand for, how much you love your family and why your there spending time with them. Below are a few tips to keep your sanity and family intact: 1. Identify your boundaries prior to engaging in an activity. Express them clearly and stick to them. 2. Don't sign up for things you don't intend on doing or want to do. 3. Practice saying "NO" to things y

Behind the Scenes: Psychiatric Research on Depression

Depression is one of the most common and expensive of all psychiatric disorders. Nearly one in four women, along with one in six men, experience depression during their lifetime and up to 65% experience recurrent episodes of the disorder (Slavich & Irwin, 2014). Consequently, many people with depression never receive diagnosis or treatment. This leaves nearly 30%–35% of adults reaching remission by using current therapeutic approaches and leaving over two thirds of the disease burden intact (Slavich & Irwin, 2014). These variables contribute to substantial social and economic drain. Accordingly, depression has been projected to be the fourth leading cause of overall disease burden, along wit

Talk to me NICE

I find it interesting that communication whether it be body language (eye contact, verbals or physical touch) controls our destiny in many ways. It communications of feelings and intentions into the world and it mold's our experience with the individual or individuals we are speaking to. It's interesting that we experience others much like we experience ourselves ... through spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical contact and perspective. What we put into the world we get back in more ways than one. The clearer we are about who we are, what we are about and what our truth is, is the better we put an honest energy and message into the world for which we interact. There are most defin

Group Counseling

Group counseling is a very emotionally experiential experience. It allows individuals to step outside of themselves and be provided with information from their peers about a subject/issue that they are experiencing or are struggling with. Group counseling encourages the idea of normalizing individuals experiences in the world. It allows the individuals in the group to help each other which in turn challenges them to help themselves. TIPS FOR CONDUCTING GROUP: 1. Find your niche and stick with it 2. Be creative and explorative in your approach (process, educational, topic, visuals, hands on, etc.) 3. Allow the group to hold each other accountable and provide feedback 4. Set the rules for the

Adolescents and Substance Abuse

For most children, the most high-risk time for a child to engage in drug abuse are within major transitional periods of their life. These transitions include, but are not limited to, parents’ divorcing, moving, and transitioning from one educational stage to the next. With the exposure of drug use at a higher rate in middle and high schools, children are more likely to become involved with illegal drug usage. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) in 2006 reported that children are already abusing drugs by the age of 12 or 13, which likely means that they began their usage at an earlier date. According to the Partnership/MetLife Foundation Attitude Tracking Stu

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