Create a safe space

Last week, the topic my Live at 9 am was creating a safe space. In this fashion, I deemed it appropriate to move forward with that same concept in the blog. I provided various tricks and ideas for creating a safe space for yourself especially to go to in moments for which you do not feel safe. Safe spaces create emotional and physical barriers for you to revitalize and rejuvenate yourself. It is important to ensure that you have a space that you can retreat to and heal. It provides you the opportunity to be vulnerable and emotionally naked as an effect of the room itself. Below I listed a few ideas for you to create a safe space in your spot: - Intense - Candles - Nature (Plants, flowers, te


Today I’m writing from a different perspective than I usually write. I am coming from a place of wonder and confusion. Relationships are very complicated and sensitive topics that we are exposed to on an everyday basis. Whether these relationships are platonic or romantic, a level of complication is there. My first question is why do relationships have to be so complex. Relationships are complex (especially in this generation) due to the lack of communication and owning one's feelings. In this generation emotions are looked down upon, as to say that humans are not allowed to feel, and if you do allow yourself to feel then you are weak. I can speak for those who feel that emotions weaken them

Stand In Your Power

In the midst of challenges we must rely on our power to process, embrace and withstand. When we have conflicts with others and challenges in our lives that we may struggle to resolve; we can resolve them. We can express ourselves and address challenges without giving others our power which can look like, responding with overwhelming anger, aggression, etc. When we stand on our power, we take responsibility for our feelings and we do not give it away to others to control. We allow ourselves to be emotionally free which encourages our power to control ourselves and how we respond to others. We can and will be productive when we embrace our emotional selfs and don't leave it up to others to con

How Bad Do You Want It ?

What are the limitations to success? When is enough, enough? How do you know when you have given everything you have? How do you know when you have become successful ?I believe there is no actual answer to these questions, the limitations for an individual is specific to that one individual. We have the power to be great and our greatness is dependent upon when we want to unlock that bigger being inside. It is easily said that greatness is in you, but how does one expect an individual to unlock that potential. If it was a simple task, we would be amongst the greatness generation to live, however; that is not the case. The keys are, patience and determination. Those are the key factors in un


I am writing in current thought of reading about the death of a rapper and activist I found interesting and talented. I am feeling an enormous amount of anginst and stress. I wondering if ... we experience death to remind us that we are living. If we seem to believe that we have an unlimited amount of time to experience ourselves, fight with others, forgive our foes, dance the night away, teach our children about life, have incredible experiences and vacations, rebuild that questionable credit, apologize for our unimaginable behavior towards someone we love, change those annoying habits of ours, etc. We don't have as much time as we think we have. If we imagine or keep in mind that tomorrow

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