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All Black Everything: Celebrating Black History & Lives



Black History is a beautiful conversation, experience and knowledge everyone one should have, share and appreciate. While every year we still get outrageous stories about people exploring and expressing stereotypical moments of blackness; expanding the narrative and highlights the beauties of black culture is a goal of mine. Teaching children about the meaning of blackness while encouraging them to identify what their blackness means is such an honoring process. Oh how I love being black. How I love our history and space we hold in the world. How I honor our struggle and will continue to call out and acknowledge how black folks have been honored, disorred, harmed, and abused.

On my way to work this morning I heard an interview that was disturbing. More than acknowledging the ignorance of the interview I want to acknowledge the beautiful resilience and love black folks have and have had for each other. The moments of love and support that we have shown towards each other and just identifying our humanity. I want to praise all of the beautiful black folks taht have come before us and where brave. The folks that didn't take no for an answer and made way for some of the privileges we experience today. Black history is just history. It is necessary. Do your research.

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