Schizophrenia 101

Schizophrenia is a mental health disorder that impacts an individual’s ability to think, feel and behave. Individuals that struggle or are diagnosed with schizophrenia have impairments that impact their ability to function in the world to include seeing things other people don’t see, hearing things other people don’t hear (voices, noises, etc. ), experience extreme emotional ups and downs, and responds to thoughts that are unreasonable and untrue (unfounded) for example: hearing a child’s voice (they are at home alone with no children in sight), expressing that they have 5 cars and millions of dollars (you are aware that they have little to no money), they are angry because the CIA is watchi

Enough, but is it ?

Life can be tough, especially with any combination of work, school, kids, relationships, family, or bills. Do you really have time for a social life or “me” time ? Why does it feel like we always fall short of having it “together”? Why does it feel that even if you give your best at what you are doing, it seems like you are still falling short? Throughout each day, it is common to find something that you have forgotten to do or skipped a step. Maybe you cheated with your carb loaded lunch, when a cheat day is not for another week. Maybe you haven’t been to the gym in over a week, when you promised yourself that you would go twice a week. Maybe you forgot to call your grandmother on her birth

Thoughts with Ray The truth about the truth

Many times I find myself fighting with the notation of living in truth. The truth has a very smooth, calm, and delightful feel when it's present. Many people welcome the truth with open arms as if it was a passionate, caring hug from a love one. The perception of truth gives us an opportunity to feel "good" about knowing. In reality the truth is cold and uninviting to the person who does not fully grasp the impact it has. People say they want the truth, but in actuality they welcome the lie because you see, the lie is all of what many people wish the truth would be. The lie is warmth, calmness, love, and acceptance. Many people go through life seeking and wanting the truth while living hap

Relationship Series: The Foundation

This is the 1st video blog of the relationship series that will have about 10 to 11 more topics addressed about relationships. Hello, It's nice to meet you... my name is Sharde'. I am a cool human being with somethings to say. I hope you enjoy. Please ask questions. Make comments. Engage in the discussion. I look forward to hearing from you.

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