Garbage in. Garbage out. Do you know you're worth ? Do you know you're value ? Do you know your importance ? The concept of garbage only applies to the pieces of things we no longer want or need to be taken away so it does not smell up our space and or attract bugs. The concept of garbage only applies when it is literally garbage and not an actual human being. It would be nice if we could treat ourselves and others as if they are important, of worth and value and like a human being. It is impossible to convince someone to believe in themselves other than a child. As an adult person it is necessary for the individual to have some believe in their value and worth independent of others. Believe

Are You Too Comfortable?

Now a days, many of us try to obtain stability in every aspect of our lives. Whether if its financial stability, stability with our partner or stability in our careers. Once we find a rhythm in life that is bearable and does not create discomfort to us, we usually accept it whether or not it is something we truly want. And the moment we feel a discomfort we try to remove whatever is causing this discomfort. Naturally it is in our human nature to do this because feeling stable and comfortable provides safety and security; however, this pattern of behavior can have a negative impact. Being too comfortable restricts growth. In order to grow in any aspect of your life, things may have to becom

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