Don't put my business on the street

In the time of social media and the change in climate of social behavior, we are attempting to figure out how to manage our information and who to trust with it. There appears to be a glaring issue with the way we communicate and who we choose to trust. Do we create an environment were we allow people to earn our trust ? Are we honest with ourselves about the people we are deciding to trust ? Are we allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with information we aren't comfortable standing behind ? Trust is a delicate concept. It requires us to be both vulnerable and vigilant. It requires us to take accountability for ourselves and challenge those we trust to take accountability for themselves. To s

Stress and the Holidays

To some the holidays can be fun, but to others the holidays can be very stressful; maybe you are on the outs with your family, maybe you’re going to be alone, or there may be personal reasons why the holidays are hard or difficult to enjoy; And no matter where you turn you can’t get away. It’s all over social media, commercials, people are talking about the gifts they have or are getting for someone. There is just no way to avoid it. What can we do so it’s not so stressful or it’s a little more bearable: Do something for someone else. The holidays are a time for giving, why not help and be there for someone else. Maybe go to a church and help. Churches are always wanting help to feed the hom

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