The ‘Give-and-Take’ of Empathy

Providing comfort to those around you is a skill. It’s hard to understand the weight of a situation someone is experiencing if we are not or have not experienced it ourselves. The feeling of empathy differs from sympathy, as sympathy is simply feelings of condolences and sorrow for another’s misfortune. Four attributes of empathy include: To be able to see the world as others see it To be nonjudgmental To be able to understand another’s feelings To communicate your understanding of that person’s feelings We have to be in touch with our own feelings in order to understand another’s. While being empathetic is necessary for the other party to feel heard and cared about, it is also important to

See you later

As my time at the Mahogany Projek comes to an end, I felt the most appropriate topic to cover in my last blog would be the concept of transitioning. Many of us fear change, for obvious reasons, such as the fear of the unknown, the fear of starting over etc. Transitions can be a very scary thing, but transitions in life are necessary for growth. Change is necessary for growth. Leaving the Mahogany Projek, after making it my home, is a scary thought but with everything that I have gained from Sharde’, I know she has prepared me as much as she could for my next step and it is up to me to use the knowledge given to me to do something great. That's how you have to see life in every aspect..not o

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