As a women, is it okay to not want to be married ?

Socially, it appears that the notion for women is : in order to be fulfilled and happy in your life, you will need to be married. It appears to have transitioned into a natural next step after your graduate college or move through your 20's in that you are dating to find a spouse that will marry you. This has both legal and religious implications depending on your spiritual beliefs, which impacts the desire, functioning and position of a women even in the dating realm. At any point is it okay to question the desire to marry and identify the motivative factors or it just the way of life not to question or challenge this notion if it is all that you have ever dreamed of. Statistically marriage

Emotionally Connected: What does that mean

Everyday Health ( defines the term emotional connection as an emotional connection is a bundle of subjective feelings that come together to create a bond between two people.These terms seem to be an inclusive link to how people choose there long term partners, friends, and familial relationships they pursue. Emotional connection appears to be the driving force for some in their problem solving efforts and how they lead and manage their lives. Emotional connection also involves how we as human beings connect to the universe and find what we want and what we need. In this fashion there should be a balance between e

Nobody can love you like I can

During this time of transition and change, it is great to reflect on who we are, what we want and what we need. It is helpful to know what those things are, considering that in our everyday lives we dedicate so much time, energy and love into things other than ourselves like our jobs, children, spouses, commitments, family, etc. This can come even at the detriment of ourselves when we find that we are neglecting our own needs to meet all the needs of these other entities. Considering all these things it is important to remember that we can NOT give someone something we cannot give ourself. The love that you deserve requires time, energy and investment. In order to provide this to other peopl

Black and Ugly

It has been a social and political notion for centuries ... with the intent to offend; these two terms are used and if the individual is not confident, sure of themselves, and/or has not embraced their "black", it will offend and it can create an identity of it's own. It is important as an African American person/being that you brace who you are and what you are which allows you to define yourself before someone else does. The quick and easy take away is ... find, define and embrace yourself/your being which prevents you from taking on other's definition of you.


The Mahogany Projek wishes you a Happy New Year ! We hope that you had an amazing New Years eve and we are hopeful that you will have a productive, peaceful and healing new year.

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