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Consultation/Speaking/Training Services

We provide customized and person-centered therapeutic service experiences to include trainings and mental health consultation services. We are dedicated to teaching businesses and mental health providers education on quality of service, counseling techniques and customer service.


Sharde' O. is a dynamic and engaging speaker, offering transformative speaking engagements, training sessions, and workshops tailored for diverse audiences. With expertise in mental health, family dynamics, and personal development, Sharde' brings a unique blend of professionalism and authenticity to her presentations. Whether addressing businesses, family reunions, or wellness retreats, she captivates audiences with her insightful perspectives, interactive sessions, and a genuine commitment to fostering positive change. Sharde's speaking engagements are not just informative; they are inspirational journeys that leave a lasting impact on individuals and communities alike.

Clinical Documentation​

Intervention creation and execution

Effective Counselors

Mental health basics

Treatment Planning

Progress note writing

Person-centered services

Self-Esteem and success in school 

Trauma and the pattern of norm

Parent Capacity Evaluations

We provide businesses with ​training and education on various topics to assist with educating their staff on various topics to include:

Anger management skills and techniques

Stress management skills and techniques

Mental health basics

Education on depression and anxiety and how it impacts one in the work place

Conflict management

Boundaries/Barriers to interaction

Communication 101

Acceptance and understanding of others 

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