When in doubt ... nap it out !

With the increasing change of pace in the world, it is easy to fall in the pattern of sleepless nights trying to keep up with the world around you. Many quote the saying “I’ll sleep when I am dead” to justify working long hours and not taking the proper time to rest. Healthline states that people are now beginning to sleep less than they did in the past and the level of sleep quality has decreased significantly. So what does this all mean? Can humans function without sleep? Sleep plays a major part in the performance of the human body, yet many treat sleep as an option. Healthline lists ten reasons why sleep should not be considered as an option. Did you know that not getting enough rest is

Paper Planes

"I have lots of things to prove to myself. One is that I can live my life fearlessly." -Oprah Winfrey.​ In the event that we actually allow ourselves to dream, there comes the moment when we decide to either go for it or not. In the moments that were we are making the decision to follow our dreams and create a plan of execution, it can appear as if we are clueless, unknowingly walking in blind and/or that we will not be successful. Then, we look at those who have had those moments and moved forward with their plan towards their dream anyway. We see those who were successful: Oprah W., Steve J., Sean C. , Beyonce K., Rosa P. , the owner of the business you work for, the owner of the restaura


Just Woosah... The average human experiences stress on a daily basis. An individual can experience stress from something as minor as someone cutting them off while they are driving to an unexpected death in the family. Stress is a part of life and is nearly impossible to avoid. However, long term stress can play a implications on your physical health. MQ (Mental Health Organization) suggest that attention, memory, and the way we deal with emotions are negatively impacted when we deal with stress improperly. Long-term stress can contribute to both physical and mental illness through effects on the heart, immune metabolic functions, and hormones acting on the brain. So, is it possible to avoi

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