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Making our way towards the end of the year, we have the opportunity to reflect on our choices and experiences this past 2022. Have you considered what you have accomplished compared to your goals you set for the year? Have you considered what your down days looked like and how you made it through? Have you considered what you want for next year and how you plan on achieving those goals? These questions can contribute to your psychological and emotional detox. This will prepare you to go into your new space and time fresh and rid of emotional and psychological barriers. It is nothing worse than continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results. This happens especially when you are unaware and continue to carry emotional and psychological baggage into a new space that you hope to get different outcomes. In order for you to take a different route, it would require you to resolve you outstanding issues and barriers and provide yourself the opportunity of a new and clear perspective.

This book can support your emotional and psychological detox. Check it out.


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