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The intoxication of toxicity


How many times have you found yourself lustful or extremely drawn to relationships and or interactions that create additional trauma, sadness, or are triggering for you; however, equally creates intoxicating anxiousness, intrusive emotional highs and lows and a constipation of emotional reactiveness. I would even go as far to say as it also gives us the permission to be the part of ourselves that we were afraid to be a have an excuse to be something we have learned to manage yet. It's as dangerous as it is exhilarating . We only do things we benefit from someway even if the immediate benefits my outweigh the long term consequences or harms. We prioritize the needs we want to meet. Our human parts have to touch the stove not only to see if it's hot but if it's something that we would enjoy in someway especially if we are being encourage NOT to do it or if somehow we a super power NOT to be born.

These experiences and or relationships will continue to serve you as long as you choose immediate gratification versus long term peace. Find your space. Love you first. Prioritize you joy. It will lead you to where you deserve to be.


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