Function As A Family

Familial relationships are a lot of work. Whether you have an overbearing mother or a needy and irresponsible sibling; the weight of familial relationships can cause a strain on your mental health. As parents get older the roles begin to reverse and the child or children transition to taking on the role as provider and caretaker. As you ascend further into adulthood, you begin managing your own life to include the lives of your spouse/children. The older we get, some take on life’s challenges with perseverance while others will continue to display child-like behaviors to their gray. How do you continue to grow and thrive individually while others in your family remain dysfunctional? Dysfunct

Only The Lonely: COVID 19 Addition

As the summer comes to a close and we begin our 5th month in quarantine A lack of social interactions have begun to take an emotional toll on everyone. For many, the pandemic has brought on an onset of problems such as job loss, a rise in health concerns and lack of directions from national leaders; finding an outlet to spend your social life could give you the boost needed to stay calm and carry on. An increase in mental health issues and addiction connected to loneliness is unfortunately a normalized occurrence. During a health crisis an increase in loneliness is often correlated to the body being constantly under stress due to media, financial stress, relationship issues, trauma and othe

Let's talk about parenting: How to do something different

Being a parent is no small task with no instruction other than experience of being parented. Parenting involves so many sacrifices and a large investment of yourself. When you see your parents do things that hurt you or taught you the benefits of hurting others; attempting to change it will require intention and purpose. It is helpful to take inventory on your needs, issues, stressors and desires. That will assist you with identifying what you want or need to do different and support your ability to change it. Identify what is working and what is not. Challenge yourself to identify the behavior your intend to replace it with and move forward. Seek therapy and support. "There is no such thing

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