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Quarantine: Survival Guide

In the current state of the world, many have struggled with having to make life changing decisions and even some forced decisions to survive. In this manner people have lost their jobs, family members and lively hood. It has challenged their emotional, psychological and psychical stability. The hysteria around the possibilities have created social distancing, loneness, increased depression, and anxiety. In these times it is important to find ways to maintain your sanity and adjust to the current environmental changes while allowing yourself to live. Below are some ideas about how to survive the quarantine and challenge yourself to find your new normal.

  1. Journal

  2. Create a vision board

  3. Play board games

  4. Read

  5. Play video games

  6. Play video games with friends or strangers

  7. Socailize through social media and face time

  8. Garden

  9. Walk/Jog/Run

  10. Clean your home

  11. Make crafts

  12. Play board games

  13. Write a book

  14. Cook

  15. Take on a project your have put off

  16. Play outside

  17. Spend time with family in your home

  18. Have movie day

  19. Do science experiments

  20. Take advantage of virtual offerings

  21. Write down a to do list and complete the items on your list

  22. Make funny videos

  23. Vlog

  24. Blog

  25. Play games to learn something new

  26. Listen to music

  27. Take a relaxing bath

  28. Do your hair

  29. Paint

  30. Draw

  31. Reorganize a room

  32. See your therapist

  33. Get a therapist

  34. Schedule things to do daily

  35. Vlog your experience

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