Don't walk the damn line

February 9, 2018




You are unique and adequately prepared to be yourself. The universe creates experiences in which challenge your foundation and expand your choices to the limits in whom you believe you are and/or who you want to be.  In those moments it is the hope that you choose to explore what you believe and if it can or needs to be different. What is your story ? How does that influence you experiencing your life ? How does it influence your experience of others and how you perceive your interactions with others ? 


Sometimes the "stuckness" in our life is simply due to our story that we tell ourselves. There is a line that exists that only you can define. That line separates you from everything that doesn't work for you. Those things will find themselves in your life and you must trust in you and stand in your truth or CHANGE YOUR STORY !!


It is important that you hold firm in who you believe you are or be vulnerable enough to make adjustments for what is no longer working. That makes you ... flexible and self-aware. 


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