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We are not linear beings


Do you feel understood by others?

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How often have you felt heard, seen and accepted? How often have you felt invisible, misunderstood and rejected? How often have you made yourself vulernable enough to be seen or connected with? Do you think you have embrace who you actually are or who you want people to experience you as? How often have you invested in getting to know you and accept you?

Interestingly enough, in our uniqueness it can create a distance in itself. Our vulnerability is what creates the connection. Showing up in a space as our authentic selves can be one of the hardest jobs especially because we spend so much of our time invested in being accepted, validated and reassured by others. One of the hardest things about being ourselves is out ability to master how to be liked by others. It makes it increasingly difficult to find our authenticity when we have been invested in the survival of people pleasing. Stepping out of that role from the beginning of pleasing our parents, friends then spouses and children can sometimes take the value out of authenticity. The beauty of authenticity is just that. Individually is a priceless commodity. You are a priceless commodity. Treat yourself accordingly.

Tips on finding your secret you:

  • Identify your likes and dislikes

  • Take a personality test -

  • Own the feelings you tend to avoid or compartmentalize

  • Ask people how they would describe you and see what you agree and disagree with


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