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"Honoring Mothers: A Tribute to Unconditional Love and Sacrifice"

Mom, mommy, momma ... the constant calling of the beautiful nurture and life giver. The reliance on her comfort, care and compassion. The respect we have for her amazing ability to provide for so many of our needs without complaint. The mother who gave so much of herself when she didn't have it. The mother who sacrificed who she was and who she wanted to be for motherhood. The mother who is forgotten about because she is the last to be thought of. The mother who loves unconditionally even when she wasn't. The mother who gave unconditionally when she went and goes without. The mother who shows up and shows out for her children. The mother who wants to be able to give what she can when she can but isn't the mother she wants to be. The mother who is learning on the job because she wants to be the mother her she never had. The mother who is a single mother. The mother who is a single mother in a marriage. The mother who is loving from a distance because the best thing she could offer is a better life for her children with someone else. The mother who just wants to do right by her children. The mother who goes without to ensure her children have. The mother who is just some many things to so many people. Thank you for all that you are, all you do, all you give, all you sacrifice, all you go without, all you need and don't get and still give. Thank you for doing a thankless job. You are loved and your giving is validated. Happy Mother's Day.


Here's a few ideas to love on yo momma:

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