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Group counseling is a very emotionally experiential experience. It allows individuals to step outside of themselves and be provided with information from their peers about a subject/issue that they are experiencing or are struggling with. Group counseling encourages the idea of normalizing individuals experiences in the world. It allows the individuals in the group to help each other which in turn challenges them to help themselves.


1. Find your niche and stick with it

2. Be creative and explorative in your approach (process, educational, topic, visuals, hands on, etc.)

3. Allow the group to hold each other accountable and provide feedback

4. Set the rules for the group from the beginning and continue to remind the members

5. Allow the group to create it's own culture and create a safe space through vulnerability and accountability to the rules

6. Open your eyes - Be attentive to body language

7. Be open and willing to challenge the members in a way that is appropriate for the individual

8. Personalize each members experience while being consistent with your approach

9. Be comfortable with silence

10. Be willing and open to learning in the process

11. Use language the group members understand

12. Meet the group where they are - Be intentional in your approach


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