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Boy oh boy it's the holidays ... Hold on to your sanity

The holidays can bring both peace and frustration. In the time we would consider the "happiest time of the year" can be some of the most stressful time of the year. When families get together all HELL breaks loose. You get the drunk uncle, the secrets people have been keeping, the cousins that don't get along, the sisters your parents don't speak to, grandma who has an opinion about your life and friends that make their lives look easy. Oh what a jolly good time. So many families have the same stories and experiences during the holidays to support the norm or chaos :). Find the time this year to consider how you are taking care of yourself and preparing for family time. Consider your needs and how to embrace the chaos like a BOSS. Take a pre-holiday vacay in your bathroom with a nice bath, reading, massage, etc. Consider that your family members are being their best selves and enjoy them at their finest. Enjoy your time and prepare for the next year.

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