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The average human experiences stress on a daily basis. An individual can experience stress from something as minor as someone cutting them off while they are driving to an unexpected death in the family. Stress is a part of life and is nearly impossible to avoid. However, long term stress can play a implications on your physical health. MQ (Mental Health Organization) suggest that attention, memory, and the way we deal with emotions are negatively impacted when we deal with stress improperly. Long-term stress can contribute to both physical and mental illness through effects on the heart, immune metabolic functions, and hormones acting on the brain.

So, is it possible to avoid the consequences of stress when we are faced with stressful situations every day in our lives? You can not. Stress is going to happen regardless of the life you choose to live. It has been proven that an effective technique to assist with managing stress is the art of meditation. Many believe meditation is linked to the reduction of stress, improvement in concentration and improved blood circulation. There are many ways you can introduce the art of mediation in your life. However, mediation is a simple practice that one can easily learn and do at home. For beginners, there are many mediation applications available to educated you on how to properly meditate. MindBodyGreen lists these 5 easy steps to begin meditation:

  1. Be comfortable in a quiet place

  2. Become present

  3. Focus on breathing

  4. Feel your body

  5. Practice, Practice, Practice

With these 5 easy steps, you can decrease the negative consequences of stress. So when life starts to take the turn for the worse, remember to regroup and focus your energy. The storm will pass and you will still remain.


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