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With the new year approaching, change is bound to happen. Maybe it is because you have new goals that require change or something big is going to happen to you. Change is something everyone goes through, most times it is not something we are comfortable with. But it also necessary in life. You can’t just stay in one place. You won’t grow without it. Without change, you will never get that promotion start your family, or even move into that apartment on your own. It’s okay to not always be okay with change, but also remember that it is needed to go further in life. As you set your goals for 2020, don’t let change that needs to happen scare you. When you start to feel overwhelmed, think about what it is going to do for you and where it will bring you. The change you are afraid of will bring your closer to your goals and what you want out of life. Embrace the change that you are destined to this coming year.

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