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As a women, is it okay to not want to be married ?


Socially, it appears that the notion for women is : in order to be fulfilled and happy in your life, you will need to be married. It appears to have transitioned into a natural next step after your graduate college or move through your 20's in that you are dating to find a spouse that will marry you. This has both legal and religious implications depending on your spiritual beliefs, which impacts the desire, functioning and position of a women even in the dating realm. At any point is it okay to question the desire to marry and identify the motivative factors or it just the way of life not to question or challenge this notion if it is all that you have ever dreamed of. Statistically marriage is on the rise with millennials; however, there have been several articles that have questioned the benefits of marriage for women and identified the notion that marriage benefits men much more than it benefits women considering the social and political changes that have impacted marriage over the years to include: women being equally present in the work place, pay scales, increase of financial responsibilities and change of roles. Research shows that medically there is no difference in benefits for being married for a women; however, it appears to be a significant medical benefit for men.

The purpose of this blog was to challenge women to consider the individual needs and how marriage plays a part in those needs. Find your voice and explore your desires.


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