Not just in a day

The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree they say. The rock makes ripples that cast far beyond the eye. Those cute little sayings that attempt to encompass the relationship between a parent and child. Surprisingly, it's much more complex than that. A women: nurturer, healer of wounds, complex being, irresistible creature, feeling inside out being, loving from heart to head being, putting everything and everyone before her own needs, defining beauty one look at a time, creating human beings one moment at a time, creating perspectives and life long experiences for others one being at a time, being a man's support, creator, teacher of all things women, creator of all rules women live and die by, controller of the universe, creator of empathy and compassion, expounder of interpersonal thought , nurturer of egos, mother of dragons, creator of the mystical , challenger of the stars quo, etc.

All of these things come at a price. Everyday women sacrifice their being for other's with no remorse or thanks. Women are compelled to heal the world and in their attempt to do so, they struggle to heal themselves. It would only be right for the people born and nurtured by them to assist, encourage, motivate and inspire them to take care of themselves.

Mother's take that title to a whole new high. It is not enough to just have the ability to bare children but use that ability to move forward with creating the new genre of human being. It is a mother's love and being that create hope, creativity, inspiration, self-confidence, self-worth, compassion, empathy, emotional awareness, worldly perspective, etc. There isn't enough thanks for that; there is just great appreciation, confirmation, affirmation and love given the way you know how. We can give that mother the energy and love she needs to continue to move the earth and create the moon and stars.

My mother didn't know how to be a mom; she didn't receive that all knowing manual. She had me and figured it out along the way. She healed me, coddled me , comforted me, shared with me, appreciated me, encouraged me, sacrificed for me, loved me, cried for me, cried because of me, hurt for me, hurt because of me, stayed up long nights for me, cooked and cleaned for me, gave her last to me, struggled for me, lost sleep for me, worked for me and more. In all these things she did not knowing how but did it anyway. In all of her years she never gave up on me and even when she may have thought about it (lol) she still choose me. For all those mothers who struggled to do these things for there children; please know that their is always tomorrow. You can always choose to do something different even when you don't know how. As a mother and women you do what you know how and knowing different prepares you to make different choices. Your children always remember the moment that you choose them and even though you have had moments and experiences where you hurt them, you have more moments that you can create were you can give your children everything that you feel. I hope this Mother's Day you hear from me that you are appreciated, understood, loved, embraced by the universe and are allowed to make the mistakes: You hold the universe in your eyes.

Thank you. Happy Mother's Day.

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