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Black Kids Color Too: Affirmations & Empowerment
  • Black Kids Color Too: Affirmations & Empowerment


    Have you been looking for a cool coloring book to show your child the beauty of their blackness? Have you been trying to find an activity that no only keeps them busy but provides affirmations and healthy developmental lessons?


    Introduce your child to the beauty of their blackness with this specially-designed coloring book. Not only will it keep them entertained, but it will also provide affirmations and positive developmental lessons. Sharde' O'Rourke's Honoring Black and Brown Kids coloring book is the perfect way to bond with your child and celebrate their unique identity.


    This coloring book is filled with beautiful illustrations that highlight the diversity of black and brown children. From cultural celebrations to everyday activities, your child will love coloring in these pages and learning about their heritage.


    And if you love this coloring book, be sure to check out Sharde' O'Rourke's other products, including journals, parenting manuals, and additional coloring books. Start celebrating and empowering your child today!

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