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Premarital Issues and Tissues

Summertime is the season of shorts, sunshine, and wedding season. Despite many couples choosing to reschedule their upcoming nuptials and the “influx of mental health care as an offset of Covid-19”, Does premarital counseling really affect the outcome of a marriage?  

At the core of any union is a solid understanding of each other's wants and needs. Outside of communication and an openness around the topic of finances, during therapy couples are given the opportunity to work together on a wide array of important issues. Counseling challenges couples to set realistic goals and establish boundaries that will allow them to navigate the ups and downs of marriage and eventually children, if they so choose. Counseling before saying “I do” allows couples to explore topics of sex, intimacy, conflict resolutions, decisions making, family relationships, and quality time. 

One of the most important concepts to keep in mind is partnership. This can include the cultivation and collaboration of religious beliefs and each other's upbringing. This can be quite an unsettling experience if prior circumstances and issues have not been resolved. By examining differences and expectations before marriage, you and your partner will be better able to understand and support each other after the celebration. 

Resources to premarital counseling:

Coming Soon: Premarital Course (Thebarefootacademy)


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