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Today we celebrate and honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I remember being a kiddo in Los Angeles, California and going to Crenshaw blvd. every year to watch and enjoy the parade in celebration of his life. We would laugh, dance, commune and enjoy the lives of each other while commemorating the essence of his life through unique and creative visionaries like artist, drill teams, music and more. In school we would complete our speeches, identify the goals of dream and ask ourselves how we are individually moving his dream forward. At that time I didn't understand the value of what we were doing and how that would be invaluable to instilling the value of his purpose and the intention of his dream in my own children to move it forward into the future.

Now as an adult, I find myself back to that place. I ask myself, how am I moving his dream forward? How I am investing in the lives of my black brothers and sisters? How do I invest in the concepts of value and equality as human beings? That speech was made August 28, 1963 and I find myself struggling as a black person, therapist, mother, wife, daughter, sister, healer and more to value the concept of equality versus experiencing life as impartial and equitable. In the last few months I've watched the Black Lives matter movement exist and live due to the continued prejudice and racism that Dr. King spoke to. I've watched so many articles, videos and speeches over black people being shot down in the name of "justice and law." I have watched my peers that are not people of color struggle with understanding the value, purpose and effect of being self-aware to address their white privilege especially in the matter of treating people of color; specifically black folks. I have struggled with understanding, balancing and putting in perspective the continue fight for survival that isn't not my choice and wasn't his either. The idea that this fight for equity and balance moves on and that it is possible that 100 years from now we could be having this same fight and now it is the fight for my children.

I understand that it requires courage, bravery and persistence. I understand that he taught us the value of consistency, transparency and unapologetic value in ourselves and black people. I understand that it is my responsibility to move in forward in my way.

Use this time to reflect on you managing your talents and investing them in the efforts of moving the world forward. How you invest in the equity and unbiased treatment of black people? How you use your voice and your power to change the world. Take Account.

I have a dream speech (click the link below):

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