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Don't be delusional!

First things first ... let's start with how we see the world. Are we taking as it is or making it what we want it to be. When you are looking at who you are and how you show up in the world, do you see it as it is or as you want it to be. This is important in getting out of yourself and others what you need and what you want. In that it is important to consider where your strengths and struggles areas are and how much you are willing to invest in being better. Are you pretending that your ready for something your not? Are you begging someone to fix you or an issue that you feel powerless against? Are you convincing yourself that your partner is the person you signed up for in your head versus the person they actually are? Are you feeling like a failure because you keep setting goals that your discipline isn't set up for?

Consider what is real and start small. Be honest with yourself and practice both mindfulness and self-awareness to support you being present and in real time. See you on the other side.


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