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Do you feel stuck ? Do you see yourself putting forth effort not yielding the results you were looking for ? Do you have a lack of motivation and determination ? If the answer is yes to any of those questions ... this blog is for you.

How do I get unstuck ?

Being stuck can show itself as a feeling, behavior and or frame of mind. It can be the determinate between success and failure (learning). It can validate thoughts you have about yourself anyone in being a self-fulfilling profocey of sorts. It is importance to understand the role of being stuck and if it can be reframed or considered to be something else. Stuck can appear as if you aren't making the headway that you would like; however, if you are putting forth the effort and investment in a behavior or activity not yielding the results you are looking for ... rethink your strategy and not assume you are stuck.

If you are in a space were you lack motivation, start with were the lack of motivation originates ... is it depression ? lack of direction ? lack of organization and planning ? lack of resources ? lack of self-awareness (strengths) ? lack of communication? lack of clear vision ?

Start with a plan. Identify the end goal. Identify the incremental steps in-between. Set dates to accomplish the identified goals. Praise your self for every goal you accomplish and re-think your approach to those you don't.

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