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In relationships (marital, friendship, parent, sibling, etc.) there comes a time when you will be in the position to make a choice. Considering that relationships request a give and take of emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical energy and behaviors . At some point you will be faced with the challenge of choosing you or someone else. For example: You have a friend that you have lent money to several times with the expectation and understanding that they will pay you back and have not.  Do you re-engage in the relationship? Do you re-establish boundaries, confront your friend and request your money back? If you do, when you do, you are choosing you. How is that so? 


When you choose you, you choose to get your needs met and create a balance between what you give to you and what you do for others. It entails not giving away your piece of mind, giving so much to others that you aren’t meeting your basic needs and/or enabling others to use you. Choose to allow others to find a way to meet their needs especially if your cup isn’t full. You can’t give away something you don’t have. In order to ensure that you cup is full, it would require you to continue to put water in your cup and not continue to give it to others in that, you pour into them without pouring into yourself. 




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