We all have ways that we take care of ourselves, physically, but what about our mental and emotional care? We don’t control everything in our lives can’t control what happens in our life sometimes and that is why self- care is so important. Self- care is taking time to pay attention to your needs yourself in order to improve and maintain your needs.know that you are cared for. It should be in our every day practice, if not, at least weekly routine. This includes productive and relaxing hobbies, coping skills and pleasurable activities.It does so many things for one person. It can improve yourimprovebetter your health, reduce stress and anxiety, increases your self esteem, and help you to learn more about yourself. Self- care looks different on everyone, and is different depending on the individual requiring the one person’s self- care may not be someone else’s. Something as simple as going to a movie, getting your nails done, or even reading a book. Find the things that you like to do and see where it leads you. It might lead you to other self care tips. If you take on too much, you can’t go out and help others. You will need to refill yourself in order to pour out to those around you. When your day is over, put the to do list away, take a break from house chores, and enjoy and find something to do for yourself; watch an episode of your favorite show, work on your favorite art project, or go out for a walk and then watch how it changes your life. Self-care is not an option or a want. It is a need.


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