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As my time at the Mahogany Projek comes to an end, I felt the most appropriate topic to cover in my last blog would be the concept of transitioning. Many of us fear change, for obvious reasons, such as the fear of the unknown, the fear of starting over etc. Transitions can be a very scary thing, but transitions in life are necessary for growth. Change is necessary for growth.

Leaving the Mahogany Projek, after making it my home, is a scary thought but with everything that I have gained from Sharde’, I know she has prepared me as much as she could for my next step and it is up to me to use the knowledge given to me to do something great. That's how you have to see life in every aspect..not only an internship. Moments in our life are there to help us reach the next level, every day should be seen as a stepping stone to get you to your ultimate goal. And even when that goal is obtained, you should create a new one and aspire to achieve that one. Do not fear change, embrace it. Transitions tend to cause a certain level of stress in an individual. But if you change your perception of transition it can make embracing change a little easier. Alex Lickerman lists 3 ways to help an individual when it comes to transitioning. He first states that the best way to deal with transitioning is to “just do it”, Alex states that just showing up and trying your best is enough to ease the tensions associated with change. He then states that if we look at transitions as adventures, it will give us a more positive outlook on them and increase our desire to embrace them as well. Lickerman also states that if we look at a transition as an opportunity to rebrand ourselves then we are more prone to do it. Nethertheless change/transitions are inevitable and are bound to happen in life. So when life presents an open door, remember to take it because you never know what's on the other side.

To everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting I want to thank you for allowing me in your safe space and giving me the opportunity to witness the true magic in counseling. To Sharde’, Yolanda and Raymond, thank you for the opportunity to not only intern for you but also the knowledge that you have given me in regards to counseling and life as well. It has been an honor, I truly wish everyone the best on their journey, until next time.




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