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Suns Out, Buns Out

We can finally kiss those cold days good-bye, summer is finally approaching us; however, for many this may not be such a pleasant time. The summer season can trigger a variety of anxieties that you may or may not be aware of. But don’t freight, there are many ways to enjoy this summer regardless of the challenges you may face.

A very common mental illness that most people suffer with during the summer months is social anxiety. This usually is triggered by the increasing population of people outside, due to better weather and the increase of daylight. You may feel this is something that cannot be avoided, however there are steps that can be taken to make this summer is a little more manageable for those who struggle with social anxiety.

One of the very first steps in breaking the social anxiety cycle is by first putting yourself in a good mood prior to going out into a social setting. Studies have shown that the first initial feeling of anxiety starts before an individual even steps outside. And this anxiety can take the form of questioning the social setting before arriving, overthinking about your personal appearance, the people that might be there etc. These thoughts create a negative energy around you so regardless of the social setting, your mind is already consumed in negative feelings. Studies have suggested that the best way to tackle this issue would be to put yourself in a good mood before going out; listening to your favorite songs, playing video games, anything you personally enjoy doing. This creates a positive energy in your brain and you will become less likely to feel overwhelmed when your in a social setting.

Being in control of the energy you surround yourself in is not only a good stepping stone to manage social anxiety but also life in general. The energy we put out into the universe is more powerful than we let ourselves believe. Positive things happen to positive people. So no matter the situation, no matter what curveball life decides to throw at you, think and stay positive!


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