Today I’m writing from a different perspective than I usually write. I am coming from a place of wonder and confusion. Relationships are very complicated and sensitive topics that we are exposed to on an everyday basis. Whether these relationships are platonic or romantic, a level of complication is there. My first question is why do relationships have to be so complex. Relationships are complex (especially in this generation) due to the lack of communication and owning one's feelings. In this generation emotions are looked down upon, as to say that humans are not allowed to feel, and if you do allow yourself to feel then you are weak.

I can speak for those who feel that emotions weaken them because at one point in my life I was that person. Emotions mean vulnerability and being vulnerable means getting hurt and for many of us that is not something we are willing to let happen. However, I can say that that way of living is doing more harm than good. It can come off as you are doing what’s best for you but in reality you are doing most damage to yourself. Holding in emotions and pretending that nothing bothers you, slowly but surely begins to eat away at who you are a person. Trying so hard to protect yourself from others because a demanding task that seems to never end. Before you even realize everything about you changes and the person you were protecting no longer exists.

Studies have shown that suppressing emotions whether they are positive or negative is linked to the increase of developing heart disease and a variety of cancers. Bottling emotions has a bigger impact on us than we allow ourselves to think. Negative emotions that are suppressed trigger the fight or flight response in our bodies and this can cause gas, bloating, constipation, and vomiting. Which explains why many of us get stomach pains when we are dealing with a great deal of stress or anxiety. Bottling emotions are also said to be linked to neck and back pain, unexplained headaches, and chest pains. Suppressing emotions affect us not only mentally but as you can see physically as well.

So where does it end? With you, inside. It's time for us, to take ownership of our emotions and embrace them. Feelings are a beautiful, complexity is beautiful. We have to unlearn that complexity is negative. Our differences and complexities make us who we are, our emotions make us who we are. So join the journey of self-love and self-improvement. And allowing ourselves to feel, whether it's happy or painful.


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