I am writing in current thought of reading about the death of a rapper and activist I found interesting and talented. I am feeling an enormous amount of anginst and stress. I wondering if ... we experience death to remind us that we are living. If we seem to believe that we have an unlimited amount of time to experience ourselves, fight with others, forgive our foes, dance the night away, teach our children about life, have incredible experiences and vacations, rebuild that questionable credit, apologize for our unimaginable behavior towards someone we love, change those annoying habits of ours, etc. We don't have as much time as we think we have. 


If we imagine or keep in mind that tomorrow may not arrive for us to do what we say we want ... than we must be present and engage in our lives today and in this moment. We must find the opportunity to live in forever today and plan with the understanding that tomorrow is a dream. We live knowing that our opportunity to change is a possibility for today so we can make every effort to see it through. 


This is one of those cliche blogs that just reminds us that our thoughts of living and efforts of giving 100% day to day don't go in vain. Our thoughts, feelings, and experiences are important and help us through experiencing the world moment to moment. 


Find your voice. Experience the world. Be kind. Be bold. Be you. Be unforgiving in your approach to engaging in growth and change. 

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