When in doubt ... nap it out !

March 25, 2019



With the increasing change of pace in the world, it is easy to fall in the pattern of sleepless nights trying to keep up with the world around you. Many quote the saying “I’ll sleep when I am dead” to justify working long hours and not taking the proper time to rest. Healthline states that people are now beginning to sleep less than they did in the past and the level of sleep quality has decreased significantly. So what does this all mean? Can humans function without sleep?


Sleep plays a major part in the performance of the human body, yet many treat sleep as an option. Healthline lists ten reasons why sleep should not be considered as an option. Did you know that not getting enough rest is linked to weight gain?  Katherine Zeratsky states that lack of sleep is linked to an increase in appetite. During sleep, hormones that are responsible for breaking down food are released. When an individual does not get enough rest, it is impossible for the hormones to finish their task. Healthline also reviewed the connection between sleep and productivity. Sleep is said to increase cognition, concentration, productivity and performance in the brain. Getting enough rest has been linked to improvements in problem-solving skills and memory. Sleep is not only beneficial to physical  appearance and performance, but also the mental health of an individual. Healthline states that sleep is connected to depression, those who are reported depressed complain about their sleeping patterns. Sleep is also said to reduce an individual's ability to engage socially if the right amount is not obtained.

It is a common saying that sleeping is a disadvantage because it does not give them the opportunity to take advantage of every hour of the day. However, sleep plays a major factor in the health of the human body and without it the human body would not be able to function. So, whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or just not yourself;  nap it out!




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