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And then there was change

It would appear that one would be excited to undergo the experience for which they have shaped their experiences and have encouraged their decisions; however, to actually experience the is the scariest point in our journey. To think that we have to experience being uncomfortable to achieve change is foreign. The feeling of accomplishment is expected far before the our desire to leave what we have always known. It would be to our benefit to embrace the change that is inevitable to happen; how it happens seems to be our choice.

Find your voice and change it. Whatever it is.

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By Jules Colombo, Psychological Intern You often hear people say “She’s so Independent.” But what does it even mean to be independent? Why doesn’t anyone ever say “She’s so self-reliant?” Independence

Change: the ongoing process of unsettling and resettling the terms of people’s lives. May be a movement from an old to new, same to different, familiar to unfamiliar, known to unknown state or circums

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