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Coming Alive: Changing your story

Generally people take the stance of a new year being the opportunity for a new beginning; however, this opportunity is given to us everyday of our lives. Our story is one that we both narrate and write, so we can change the tone, language, approach, illustrations, etc. It can FEEL like we are caged and limited in our options and experiences; however, we limit those experiences with our avoidance of being uncomfortable even though those typically are the routes that bring about the most change and growth. It is inevitable that we seamlessly create new paragraphs and chapters to our story; however, we can choose to be purposeful in it's creation or and understood bystander.

Be apart of your story and not just by accident. You have the power to make your story what you'd like: fun, adventures, a mystery, hilarious, intellectual, etc. It will have hills and valley's. What do you want people to know and read about you ? What do you want people to learn about you ? What do you want to learn about yourself ? What do you want to change and/or create ?

Take the opportunity to learn more about you and challenge yourself in ways that you can.

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