Surviving your family during the holidays





 So we all know that during the holidays our anxiety can raise, stress intensify, depression increase, and even it being a higher rate of suicide during the holidays. As an adult, it is usually the time when you are reunited with your family for family gatherings and such; however, during this time it is great to keep in mind who you are, what you stand for, how much you love your family and why your there spending time with them. Below are a few tips to keep your sanity and family intact:


1. Identify your boundaries prior to engaging in an activity. Express them clearly and stick to them. 

2. Don't sign up for things you don't intend on doing or want to do. 

3. Practice saying "NO" to things you are going to resent 

4. Practice saying "YES" to things you are comfortable with 

5. Vulnerability is a safe place when "you have on a seat belt and you've passed the driving test."

6. Practice using deep breathing (Counting down from 10)

7. Set a plan prior to going to include standard responses (Yes, thanks, I've been great, Things have been going well thank you, etc.)

8. If you struggle with substance abuse (Excuse yourself when exposed to triggers)

9. Positive thinking (Go into it with positive thoughts)

10. Understand that you family consists of people, people struggle with their own issues, and they do the best they can with what they have. 


Make your experience what you want it to be. Great. 




*** These are general tips not to be taken as directions for crisis or emergencies. Please call   9-1-1 if at anytime you feel suicidial or in physical or mental distress. The above are general tips and not to be used or taken as treatment, advice or directions ***


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