Kidding - We've got some questions !!

Soooo ... Let's talk adults and parents.

We are trying to understand why there is so much pressure on us to behave in public when you don't behave in private and you know I don't always behave in private ? Why do you get angry with me when I ask you questions that I really don't know the answer to ? Why do you get frustrated with me when I ask you to spend time with me and no, I don't care about what you're doing because my needs are important too ? Why are you embarrassed in public when I want to do things I want to do around people neither one of us even know ? Why do you avoid telling me about sex when kids are talking about it at school and I don't know that my friends are telling me the truth, I JUST NEED ANSWERS ? Why do you talk about my dad like that's not my dad ? It hurts my feelings and makes me feel like I have to choose between the two of you and I DON'T WANT TO. Why do you work so much ? Considering that it never ends and I won't live with you forever, when do you plan to stop working our time away ? Why do you talk around me like I am not listening to you and that I don't plan to take this back to my friends to ask questions ? Why you ignore me like I am a bother to you and you didn't have me ? Wha† did I ever do to you to make you that angry with me that you would yell at me, hit me, or hurt me ? Why do you take my not knowing for a weakness and do things to me that hurt me and I trusted you ?

Why do I get blamed for things you feel inside ? Why do you think that my intentions are bad when I don't even know what intentions mean? Why do you let me do whatever I want even though I hurt myself and you know I could hurt myself ? Why don't you tell me "no" even though I may be mad at first ? Why don't you spend time with me doing things I want to do ? I get tired of doing things you want to do. I feel like you only want to spend time with me doing what you want to do. Why do you need me to take care of you? I barley know how to heat up my food in the microwave ? Why don't you want to help me with my homework ? Maybe we can both learn something. Why do you think I don't love you when I am just acting how I feel ?

Adults, we are just trying to figure out what the world is about and we learn of that from you. If you don't tell us you end up showing us and it isn't our fault that we get what we get. We just want you to help us figure it out. Thanks in advance. Management.

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