The Taboo

All over social media, it is common to see the happy families, great vacation getaway snapshots, the newlywed couples extravagant wedding, or the “night out with the girls” mandatory selfie. From the suggestive happy lifestyles that our internet friends give off, we often think that we should be “happy” all the time. We may even begin to question our own lifestyle and choices. People often want to display themselves in a “happy” light, or positive frame of mind. We all want others to think that we have our life figured out without the drama or heachaches. However, this is not real life. My life, your life, their life, REAL LIFE, is filled with struggles, consequences, difficult choices and bad days. Nonetheless, when we only see other people speaking of the “perfect” things, we begin to think that they do not have the same struggles. This is so false. The taboo of speaking out when we are struggling or having a hard time has caused a unrealistic silence throughout society. We feel like we have to always present our self in a certain light or perspective. Therefore, our personalities, and individualism become too collective. The voice, our voice, that needs to be heard the most then becomes masked by fear of social isolation.

Being sad or having a bad day does not mean that we have a bad life or that we are unable to bounce back. However, sometimes if we feel that our support group can not relate to such struggles, then the fear of speaking out is created. We have all been there; that moment where we are struggling but don't want to tell others because we don't know what they will say or how they will think of us. When we feel alone, it can be scary and hard to process such feelings. The emotions that we need to express become shameful and unspoken. Mental health affects everyone whether you see it on their instagram or not; your friends are struggling too and you know what? It is okay to not be okay. We all are responsible for our mental health report card, that sometimes can become unbalanced. The most important part of the struggle is the rise, my friend. Have faith in yourself and your mental health, everyone has one! :)

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