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Knowing your power

One of our greatest strengths is knowing what we can and can not control. Knowing the boundaries of our power. Knowing the limitlessness of our conviction. Knowing the boundaries of our compassion and knowing limitlessness of our love. Experiencing our days with the power to choose our invitations for challenges (arguments/fights), choose our engagements, choose what we put our energy into, choose who we allow to share their energy with us, choose who and what we want to be, choose how to perceive our experience, choose whatever we choose and experience the reward and benefits.

In living there are so many things we can not choose or have the control to change like who we love, time, other's feelings and experiences, nature, other's thoughts about us, the inevitable, death and life.

How is it that as human beings we focus so much of our time on things we can not control which contribute to our feelings of insanity and avoid the things we can control which can sometimes make us feel inadequate. In each experience we create chaos and continue to support the idea that we are powerless and failures when it happens to be the exact opposite. We have the power to choose our lives but we don't have the power to change the consequences and rewards there of.

What do you choose ?

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