Serenity - Finding your safe space

In a place where there is no privacy. No sense of ownership of space but shared experiences and spaces ... We search to find a moment, space or experience that we can control and create a space of safety. A space that our vulnerability can flourish and enable us to grow emotionally and psychologically. A space that we don't fear but embrace. A space that keeps us safe - emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. A space that our bodies naturally relax in and stressed is immediately reduced. A space that we make the rules and we define our boundaries and safety measures. A space that we control who comes in and who is left out. A space that our minds experience clarity and less clutter. A space that our spiritual being roams fearlessly and relentlessly in hopes of continued peace. A space that our love is embraced, endured, explored, experienced and acknowledged. A space were we learn about who we are. A space that only exists in our minds that only we can create for ourselves.

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