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Years of stability versus Magical chaotic love

Isn't it funny how we get enticed by the chaos of magical love that causes us a great deal of harm and heart ache due to the instability, illegitimacy, and lack of commitment it involves. But we are hypnotized by the benefits of being hopelessly bought into the overwhelming feeling of endless butterflies, intense passionate energy, and endless emotional attachment. Unfortunately this chaos appeals to our deepest insecurities and harmful patterns that convict us that love even if more harmful than helpful is worth spending your life following, chasing and never capturing. While we , as women, find ourselves finding those stable, loving, considerate and compassionate partners to be not chaotic enough to confirm our insecurities and maintain our patterns of harm and chaos. We appear to choose what we feel comforts us because it's familiar or we choose what confirms our deepest believes about ourselves. What do you choose ? In the one life that we get all we have is our choices. Would you risk a having no love at all or choosing to have a love that appeals to the parts of ourselves that we don't believe exists.

What is the buy in ? How do we change our perception of ourselves and or accept the chaos of that harmful love; will we continue to live in chaos which could eventually take away from our longevity and cause additional hurts ? Such a choice would require there to be clear plan of what the future will hold and how much loneness you are willing to endure in a love that can't love you in the ways you need to be loved or be committed to the love that doesn't appear to appeal to where you feel comfortable.

Just a thought.

"One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes." - Eleanor Rossevelt

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