The Taboo

All over social media, it is common to see the happy families, great vacation getaway snapshots, the newlywed couples extravagant wedding, or the “night out with the girls” mandatory selfie. From the suggestive happy lifestyles that our internet friends give off, we often think that we should be “happy” all the time. We may even begin to question our own lifestyle and choices. People often want to display themselves in a “happy” light, or positive frame of mind. We all want others to think that we have our life figured out without the drama or heachaches. However, this is not real life. My life, your life, their life, REAL LIFE, is filled with struggles, consequences, difficult choices and b


How come no one told me it was going to be days like this ? How come no one told me that I would feel sad at times because I don't have money or that I wouldn't be able to do everything I want to do when I want to do it ? How come no one said that my parents "really didn't have it all," although I thought that they did. How come no one told me that it would be the hardest learning curve and experience of my life. How come I had to prepare by falling on my face; how come I haven't failed yet. I am wonderfully amazed at my ability to survive, live and recoup as an adult. I am amazed at my ability to be flexible and sacrifice for my families needs. It is amazing how you are able to adjust and m

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